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ENS On Blog Fresh Radio This Week

The good people at Blog Fresh Radio were kind enough to allow me to contribute to their weekly show again, this time to recap my time down at Bonnaroo. So head on over to the site, and either click the play button, my recap leads off the show this week, or you can subscribe to the podcast via ITunes.

And if you are too lazy for that, here is the full show in a zip file.

And speaking of Bonnaroo recaps, if you aren't tired of them yet, all of my photos are now up over at The Futurist, including Wilco pic above. I am in the process of creating a best of slideshow as well, on the way soon..

During the festival, the folks at Pancake Mountain were busy grabbing rock stars to be a part of their show. They nabbed The White Stripes, Franz Ferdinand, and Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips among others, this You Tube clip of their footage is great, and I even spot a certain blogger friend of ours on the right of the window singing along with Wayne to "Daydream Believer".good stuff.

The Lodger - Grown-Ups

I think that as of late, I've become a bit more relaxed when it comes to reviewing music. Sure, I still like to think I know if stuff is pure crap or not, and there is alot of that out there. But, at times in the past, I think my quest to find music that was original and different has kept me away from some genuinely good Live Jasmin albums. And more specifically, I think I have really been digging stuff of late that is well, just plain fun.

A few bands that describe this lean in my listening habits I have already mentioned here in the past few week, 1990s, Airborne Toxic Event, The Maccabees and now The Lodger. All of these bands have some things in common, they all wear their influences on their sleeves, make bouncy pop/punk/rock music and all of them have loads of fun doing it.

The Lodger are another band out of Northern England, and could fit a bill incredibly well with the likes of fellow Brits The Arctic Monkeys or even the more iconic Wedding Present. The band is not brand new, thought they are to me, and have actually been together since 2004 in a different capacity. In fact, the first song on the album, "Many Thanks For Your Honest Opinion" was born back in 04, seeing a more widespread birth on this album, Grown-Ups. The british guitar pop is just plain fun and bouncy, as mentioned before, and is slowly turning into my soundtrack for the summer.

You can buy Grown-Ups right now via ITunes and EMusic, or just head on over to Slumberland Records.

Spoon - Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga

It isn't too difficult to be a fan of the Austin, Texas based band Spoon. After all, the four piece manages to makes tight, efficient pop/rock tunes behind one of the best voices in music today from Britt Daniel. For their 6th proper full length, the band takes those tight efficient sounds to a new level however.

Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga as an album title is still about as clear as mud to me, the band does not have a new baby to celebrate, and I still have not heard the exact reasons why they went that route, though I'm betting it has been addressed. So, despite the album title throwing me for a loop, and then my first taste of the album being the dark and moody tune, "The Ghost Of You Lingers", the album goes nowhere but up afterwards. The sunny, yes I said sunny songs are not only succinct and really incredibly fun, but are short and sweet enough to appeal to those of almost any attention span.

Clocking in at just 36 minutes with 10 songs, and I hate to borrow from PR quote land, but as it was said on the release I received. "We also have it on good authority that 36 minutes is the ideal album length." And far be it from me to argue, because at the end of this disc I can almost start it over and not be tired of it.

Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga is out July 10th from Merge Records and has already solidified itself on our top album of the year list. Enjoy this song, the only one from the album recorded with Jon Brion.

The photo above was taken during my time at Bonnaroo this past weekend. The entire photoset can be found if you go here. We also sat down and did an interview with Britt and John, the video will be up soon..

1990s - Cookies

I got to spend alot of time with the new album from 1990s over the weekend while driving to and from Bonnaroo. And I must say, it is one big party in CD form. The band hails from Glasgow but their sound is very reminiscent of early punk bands from both the US and overseas.

The lead man of 1990s is Jackie McKeown, formerly of the band Yummy Fur, which also boasted the likes of current Franz Ferdinand member Alex Kapranos. McKeown howls through the majority of this record like a man overdosing on serotonin. The band rips and roars through the album, with sounds that bring to mind the image of a beer drenched living room with all the furniture awry and wallpaper ripped from the walls.

The debut album from 1990s is out in stores now, you can check them out more at their website, but please do sample the excellent song below as well.

Bonnaroo 2007 Is Over..time to recap

Well, it's kinda tough when you attend a festival like Bonnaroo and don't get to talk about it much. But, no complaining here, as the fruits of our labor will almost all be located over on The Futurist, the WOXY blog, which I also run, (in case you didn't know). We did about 25 video interviews during the weekend. Some of the bands we talked to include Ben Harper, The Black Angels, Nels Cline of Wilco, The Decemberists, Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips (pic proof above), Spoon, The Little Ones, EL-P and lots more.

Also, we are kinda obsessed with concert photos, (as many other bloggers are as well) and snapped nearly 900 during our stay down in Manchester, TN. All of those are already making their way up on The Futurist as well. So, look for the majority of our Bonnaroo coverage to make it's way up over there (and a bit here as well) and for ENS to get back in the flow of bringing new music to you, as soon as we can get to this stack of email and mail. See you soon!