Freelance Music Leader

Bad Veins

Another great Cincinnati band represented last night at Sonic Muse. Bad Veins played a great set upstairs and sounded as tight as ever despite less than the best conditions. I also learned that the guys will be releasing a limited 7? with the good folks at Dovecote Records soon. This will only be a one off for the guys, but I think it qualifies as their first official release. Exciting stuff!

The Budos Band

And now for something totally different. The Budos Band are an 11 piece that brings some pretty sensational instumental music to the forefront with their new album Budos Band II. The group consists of drums, bass, guitar, electric organ, two trumpets, baritone saxophone, and a percussion section employing bongos, congas, tambourine, guiro, clave, shekere and cowbell. Whew...

And they manage to mix it in and make it more than satisfying to any musical palette. To put it very simply, the music sounds like it would fit really well on any 1970's film soundtrack, (especially one involving Shaft or Foxy Brown). The Budos Band met playing in an after-school Jazz ensemble at a community center in Staten Island and later released their debut in 2005 on Daptone. The new album sees a release tomorrow and is worth a shot.

It's always nice to step outside the indie rock boundaries from time to time and expand our tastes a bit more, Budos Band are the perfect way to do that.